Sarah Choe, founder and owner of SarieCakes, found her passion in cake decorating 3 years ago when she took a cake decorating class with her sister. Little did she know, she would open the gateway to a whole new world of cake art. Sarah first started making birthday cakes and desserts for friends upon request. When she received amazing compliments and encouraging feedbacks, her orders increased exponentially as well. She knew she had found her dream job! Sarah specializes in gorgeous wedding cakes to customizable dessert tables.

Sarah has worked at Rosebud Cakes in Beverly Hills, with the greatest cake decorator and most respected mentor, Elin Katz. There, she learned a great deal about making a simple piece of cake into a grand work of art. Sarah is dedicated to make all your wildest and "sweetest" dreams come true! Oh, and fear not but her cakes taste as delicious as they look!